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People love it ...

" Thank you so much mobileSPATM! I couldn't have planned a better bridal spa party with my girlfriends. It was so easy to plan, and I did almost nothing :-) I must say that the people you sent were so professional and so friendly, and most of all, made us feel so comfortable and relaxed with the spa ambience -the candles, was so exciting!! My girls couldn't stop thanking me!! "

" We wanted to try something more relaxing and fun other than the same old stripclub scene for my best friend's bachelorette party.... and i'm soo glad we did! Getting manicures,pedicures, facials, massages and having drinks with music and all at home - it was so cool! Although we couldn't stay in too long after that... of course the drinks helped :-) "

Facials - Please email for location pricing.

mobileSPATM Signature Facial
Call for pricing (Please check location pricing)
A complete indulgence that restores your skinís natural radiance and vitality. Relax as your skin is gently cleansed and toned before a moisture-rich mask is applied to your face. The soothing warmth of the mask ensures the infusion of vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of your skin. Finished by a relaxing facial massage, this facial tenderly reconditions your skin leaving it smooth, refreshed and glowing.


Deluxe Rejuvenating Facial
Call for pricing(Please check location pricing)
A deluxe version of our rejuvenating signature facial to nourish , tone and improve the texture of tired skin. Enjoy an amazing scalp massage while relaxing under a customized warming mask, as we also invigorate your hands with a full hand massage. All the goodness of our signature facial with lots of extra pampering!


Mini 'relaxing' facial
Call for pricing (Please check location pricing)
A mini facial for the busy individual for fast effective skin refreshing. This beauty treatment deeply cleanses and tones while also exfoliating and unclogging pores, revealing a fresher, more radiant skin. This facial includes a very quick massage. Skin renewal in a lunch hour Ė as we like to call it!


Paradise Facial
Call for pricing(Please check location pricing)
This is a truly tranquil experience! Melt away the last snippets of stress from your body as we top it off with a refreshing scalp massage and an invigorating foot massage to revive those tired feet!


Facial Cocktails
The following services may be incorporated into any facial treatment time or booked within a 15-minute time frame as a stand-alone service.

No More Puffy Eyes
Provides delicate restoration and hydration to the eye area and attends to unsightly swelling and expression lines. This service can be incorporated into any facial, with exception of the 30-minute facial.
15 Min: From $55.00 (Please check location pricing)

Lip Blooming
Provides hydration, exfoliation and an anti-aging lip mask leaving the lips smooth and moisturized. Aids in diminishing fine lines around the lip area.
15 Min: From $45.00 (Please check location pricing)

A supremely gentle wax for all skin types covering hair removal on the following areas: Lip, chin, eyebrow arch, full face, full back, underarm, full leg, half leg, full arm, stomach and bikini. Prices based on extent of waxing performed. Please inquire with a Spa Consultant.


Men's Facial
Price: $50 (Please check location pricing)
Designed to treat men's unique skin conditions.


Shiatsu Facial Massage
Price: $50 / 15 minutes; $90 / 35 minsutes (Please check location pricing)
Get Smoother, Firmer, More Radiant Skin with our signature facial massage.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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