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People love it ...

" Thank you so much mobileSPA! I couldn't have planned a better bridal spa party with my girlfriends. It was so easy to plan, and I did almost nothing :-) I must say that the people you sent were so professional and so friendly, and most of all, made us feel so comfortable and relaxed with the spa ambience -the candles, was so exciting!! My girls couldn't stop thanking me!! "

" We wanted to try something more relaxing and fun other than the same old stripclub scene for my best friend's bachelorette party.... and i'm soo glad we did! Getting manicures,pedicures, facials, massages and having drinks with music and all at home - it was so cool! Although we couldn't stay in too long after that... of course the drinks helped :-) "


Mobile Spa services

Itís not about pampering anymore. Itís about taking care of yourself. SPA treatments once acknowledged as an indulgent luxury, are now recognized for their holistic approach to wellness.

Your Face: Your face is a portrait of your personality. It's the First thing people notice about you. mobileSPA consultants pioneered the use of Skin Analyzer Magnifier to help uncover what is happening below the skin's surface. S.A.M. will correctly inspect and diagnose the characteristics of your skin so that an effective Skin Care Treatment can be performed accordingly and will help you attain your skin to have a healthy, youthful appearance. Click here for pricing and description of our skin care menu!

Your Body: mobileSPA has the most sophisticated & individualized treatments. Body Treatments are an absolute must in today's stress related society. Certain treatments cater to specialized needs such as cellulite or muscle tension. Click here for pricing and description of our body treatments!
Massage for Body & Soul: Most people who experience a massage know for themselves how beneficial therapeutic massage therapy is to their health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Besides offering deep relaxation, massage therapy can ease acute & chronic pain, alleviate symptoms of depression & anxiety, bolster the immune system, improve concentration to name but a few. Click here for pricing and description!

'Indulge Yourself' SPA Packages: Welcome. Treat yourself to exquisite face and body treatments by our highly trained staff. Spend an hour... Spend a day! Click here to learn more about our packages!

Salon services right to your door - Manicures and Pedicures. Click here for pricing!
Your Wedding Day: All eyes will be on you. Prepare for your perfect day with mobileSPA. Our caring staff will give you the personalized attention you deserve. Click here for a complete list of our wedding services!

Makeup & Waxing: To look your very best, attention to detail is important. That is why our professional staff ensure that tinting, makeup for that special occasion, and waxing is done to the highest standards. Click here for pricing!

Consultations: Skin Care / Makeup / Nutrition / Inner Harmony - Click here to learn more about our holistic services!


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