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People love it ...

" Thank you so much mobileSPATM! I couldn't have planned a better bridal spa party with my girlfriends. It was so easy to plan, and I did almost nothing :-) I must say that the people you sent were so professional and so friendly, and most of all, made us feel so comfortable and relaxed with the spa ambience -the candles, was so exciting!! My girls couldn't stop thanking me!! "

" We wanted to try something more relaxing and fun other than the same old stripclub scene for my best friend's bachelorette party.... and i'm soo glad we did! Getting manicures,pedicures, facials, massages and having drinks with music and all at home - it was so cool! Although we couldn't stay in too long after that... of course the drinks helped :-) "

What makes mobileSPATM unique?

We are unique

mobile SPATM delivers the luxuries of a day spa in the comfort of your home. Our network of licensed spa professionals transports everything needed to transform your home into a day spa from tables to candles. We offer a full range of spa services, spa packages, and custom parties to meet the needs of unique individuals.

Wellness: A Lifestyle, Not Once-In-A-Lifetime

Spa treatments are no longer just indulgent luxuries or once in a lifetime treats. Spa services are part of a holistic approach to wellness. Taking care of mind and body just makes sense, everyday.

Spa services offered by mobileSPATM are designed to help individuals maintain a balance in a world that is increasingly out-of-balance. Taking time to care for yourself is no longer just a luxury: its a lifestyle.

We believe that educating our clients about wellness allows them to benefit more greatly from spa services. Many of our services include client education on maintaining the benefits derived from spa services.

You Can Relax - Sanitation and hygiene's highest standard

mobileSPATM maintains high standards of sanitation and hygiene. We use only disposable products while providing our spa services. Because we use manicure and pedicure kits, hand and feet towels, and spa robes only once, you can relax. Image

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